Neutralise a workplace bully – ask them to slowdown and explain

All too often the workplace becomes the playground of choice your everyday bully. But what’s the definition of a bully? And is yours the same as mine? For many, the workplace bully might not physically push you to the ground, or even throw insults your way. It can be a far more pointed assault on your character or your ability

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Bullies are notoriously hard to deal with because they don’t act rationally or with respect. However, in a workplace setting you can still take charge of the situation by asking them to explain what their issue is.

As advice site Barking Up the Wrong Tree explains, workplace bullies are a bit more nuanced than the ones you encountered as a school kid. Rather than using physical violence or calling someone names, workplace bullies are more likely to get into verbal confrontations to push you around.

Time to take action

If things get heated, try asking them to slow down and help you understand:

“Again, a totally reasonable and polite request. You’re the rational problem solver. And no accusations are being made…

“If they keep yelling and you keep calm, who looks like the one in control? Who looks like the crazy person? Which of these people is leadership material? Exactly. You’re calm and in control. They have to stop yelling or risk looking like an insane person. You’ve done nothing to insult them or fan the flames.”

Look who’s talking now

In this case, asking them to explain is more for the benefit of those watching, rather than the bully. If you’re calmly asking them to explain what they’re upset about and try to understand their position, you look more in control. In some cases, they may even calm down if you sound like you’re listening to their side. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to do what they ask, but hearing them out makes you look more like the calm, collected person that everyone else in the office wants to look up to. Check out the source article below for more tips to deal with workplace bullies.

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