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Should you have a practice WhatsApp group?

21st March 2019

WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned digital messaging platform, is a useful communication tool – but how secure is it, and should you really be using it to share practice information? We speak to security expert Kevin Curran, [read more]

Health Tech

New time-saving insomnia diagnosis tool

21st March 2019

Over three quarters (79%) of GPs see someone with a sleep complaint at least once a week – a significant drain on resources. A new tool offers the potential for GPs to quickly diagnose insomnia, [read more]


The benefits of mentoring

20th March 2019

Could mentoring help you break free from workplace stress? A new article in the Harvard Business Review by authors Michael Gill and Thomas Roulet suggests that the positive benefits of mentoring could help you and [read more]

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