AI – is it fake news for health and social care?

18th April 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a term that’s being increasingly used in relation to the health service, but its meaning is increasingly becoming misunderstood, says Ian Jackson, medical director and clinical safety officer at Refero. It [read more]

Long-term conditions

Medicines optimisation: why it’s important

18th April 2019

Karen O’Brien, controlled drug accountable officer (CDAO), Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, describes why medicines optimisation – a key focus for the NHS Long Term Plan – is important to her. She describes [read more]


Creating a workplace strategy

17th April 2019

You’ve heard of a workforce strategy, but have you heard of a workplace strategy? As the modern workforce and workplace changes, practices need to adapt to provide a working environment that’s designed for patients and [read more]


Practice guide to FGM

16th April 2019

Female genital mutilation (FGM) is a growing problem in the UK. We speak to independent charity Forward about what practices can do to tackle FGM and what resources are available What does FORWARD do? FORWARD – [read more]


Female genital mutilation explained

16th April 2019

Between October and December 2018 new cases of FGM were added to the NHS’ experimental statistics data set. This barbaric and illegal practice is still going on in the UK today. Practices need to understand [read more]


Four must-have leadership qualities

15th April 2019

Tenacity is more important than brilliance, says international consultant Richard Trevino II. In this article he outlines four qualities leaders must have to be successful. Do you have them? This is an edited version of [read more]

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