Corporate-level compliance

18th June 2019

Primary care providers are growing larger, so how does the CQC work with these new corporate entities? Practice Business investigates Primary care is seeing a growth in the number of large-scale ‘corporate’ providers, managing services [read more]

Long-term conditions

Body image disorders are on the rise

18th June 2019

Body image disorders are becoming increasingly common – what can you do it an employee is suffering? According to Health Assured CEO and wellbeing expert, David Price, body image disorders are on the rise. A [read more]

Editors choice

Buckland practice name ‘flu fighter leader’

17th June 2019

A Buckland GP practice has been named one of Britain’s ‘winter flu heroes’ for an innovative health check scheme. The Portsdown Group practice has been presented with the CFH Docmail Flu Hero of the Year Award for [read more]


Can online tools help employees build resilience?

17th June 2019

In a stressful world, it’s important that employees relax. In an exciting new study, researchers Allison Williams, Acacia Parks and Ashley Whillans have found that brief online interventions could improve resilience, making employees feel better [read more]


Practice insurance: practical guide

14th June 2019

Selecting the correct insurance at the lowest cost for your practice can be a time-consuming exercise. Comparing different policies can be challenge – with mountains of small print complicating the process. This is the reason [read more]

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