CQC reports ‘widespread improvements’ across NHS Trust

2nd August 2019

As reported by the BBC, a community health trust has been congratulated for its ‘widespread improvements’ A troubled community health trust has been rated ‘good’ following its latest inspection. CQC reported ‘widespread improvements’ across Shropshire [read more]


The art of living and dying well

31st July 2019

Is there such thing as a better death? This is the question posed by Australian oncologist and award-winning author Ranjana Srivastava in a fascinating article reproduced here This is an edited version of an article that [read more]


Plogging – when a run turns fun

31st July 2019

We all know that walking and running improve health – and that we should all be doing more if we can. But what can improve a walk or a jog? Picking up litter! It’s a [read more]

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