Four simple mindfulness activities

Embrace the magic of mindfulness with these four easy exercises, taking advantage of daily activities to blend seamlessly into your day

CREDIT: This is an edited version of an article that originally appeared on Happiful 

Mindfulness can seem like a time-consuming challenge for some people, but it can be achieved quite simply by following these tips.

Top tips for mindfulness

  • Awareness: focus on the moment, acknowledging all your senses, and taking in the detail in everyday activities.
  • Free your mind: allow your mind to roam – go with it!
  • Return to the moment: bring yourself back by returning your attention to what’s happening by focusing on something you feel, your breathing, a sound…
  • Embrace your emotions: open yourself up to your feelings, and become really aware of them. Allow them to be, with no judgement or expectations.

Now try to apply these tips to these four everyday activities. 


Something we do every day, but when was the last time you really savoured the moment while you ate? Drop the multi-tasking and step away from screens. Focus on the texture of your food – how does it feel in your mouth? What flavours can you detect in each bite? How do you feel?


Whatever your craft – drawing, painting, writing, knitting – take the time to really be present in the act of creation, with less focus on the outcome. Listen to your needles brush against each other, or the pencil on paper. What are you feeling? Where do your thoughts go?


Whether you’re going for a high-intensity sweat-sesh, or a walk around the block, connect with your body and its sensations as you move. Can you feel your pulse quicken, or the breeze on your skin?


Take a quiet moment to reconnect with your body. Simply sit, or lie, and focus on your breathing. What can you see, hear, feel, smell? A gentle hum of the heating, birds outside, a tap dripping? Let go of all the distractions and let your senses explore the moment.

Mindfulness isn’t just reserved for yoga retreats, you can practice it in your everyday life without having to taken any more time out of your day. 

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