How to deal with workplace bullying

18th November 2019

According to a recent survey, carried out by YouGov, almost 29% of people are bullied at work, causing 36% of victims to quit their role, whilst 46% of victims said it ‘adversely’ affected their performance at [read more]

The causes of stress among GPs

3rd May 2019

A new study has laid bare the causes of stress among GPs in England. A rising workload, strained finances and the emotional investment required are all factors that are leading to burn-out. Practice Business investigates [read more]

NHS urged to tackle ‘systemic racism’

18th January 2019

New NHS data shows that race-related workplace discrimination is rising As reported by the Evening Standard, the NHS is being urged to work hard to tackle the issue of ‘systemic racism’. New NHS data has [read more]

Bullying culture within NHS is a ‘scandal’

3rd January 2019

The British Medical Association (BMA) has spoken out about the issue of bullying within healthcare environments According to the BMA’s Scotland council chair, Dr Lewis Morrison, bullying has been allowed to thrive within the NHS [read more]

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