GP numbers in Dundee at highest level in 10 years

According to the Evening Telegraph, Dundee is experiencing its highest number of GPs in a decade

While much of the UK is seeing a decline in GP numbers, Dundee is enjoying the highest number of general practitioners in 10 years.

The city now has 149 permanent family doctors. This includes any GP besides locum GPs who work on an ad-hoc basis.

Eight new GPs have begun in the last year alone – the highest number on record.

The rise has been connected to a new contract which went live across Dundee this year; its benefits include a higher level of pay and less in the way of admin duties.

Dr Andrew Cowie, vice-chairman of the Tayside Local Medical Committee, said: “Obviously an increase in headcount numbers of GPs is a good thing – it’s a lot better than the drops we’ve been seeing.

“I hope some of the increase is related to the new contract and the more constructive approach taken in Scotland but there’s still a long way to go to get to the 800 more GPs we need.

“On the ground, things are more complicated. We’re only nine months into a complex, three-year reorganisation of primary care.

“But let’s say that I believe that we are making progress.”

The number of practices, however, has fallen, with 22 now operating with an average of 7,396 patients each. 10 years ago, there were 25 practices.

Dr Andrew Buist, chairman of BMA Scotland’s GP Committee, commented: “For a long time it has been clear that action was needed and we have seen the first positive steps through the new GP contract.”

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