Brexit’s impact on medicine supplies

19th December 2018

What impact is Brexit having on the supply of medicines in England? The BBC has reported on the impact of Brexit on medicines in the UK, with rising prices and shortages in supplies proving to [read more]

All GP practices now offer extended services

18th December 2018

As reported by Pharma Times, every GP surgery in the UK now offers appointments during evenings and weekends NHS England has confirmed that all GP practices in England now offer extended hours. Appointments can now [read more]

Setting the conditions for creativity

17th December 2018

In a recent article for the Harvard Business Review, author, speaker and advisor, Greg Satell, outlines why mangers need to create a culture that enables staff to embrace their creativity One of the most damaging myths [read more]

The expanding role of the clinical pharmacist

17th December 2018

Clinical pharmacists based in GP practices are meant to reduce the impact on stretched GPs, helping to spread the workload. While noting some significant successes, new research published in the BJGP has found that practices [read more]

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