‘Super surgery’ to open in Hereford; locals have their say

The Hereford Times has published an opinion piece highlighting locals’ concerns over the new ‘super surgery’ set to open near the railway station

Plans to create a ‘super surgery’ in Hereford are well underway, but locals have raised concerns.

Back in March, the Hereford Times published details of the plans, which consist of a health care hub to be built near the city’s railway station. It will bring together patients currently attending Greyfriars Surgery, Moorefield House Surgery, Aylestone Hill Surgery and Sarum House.

The newspaper has since published an opinion piece which highlights the fact that, while the ambitious project is necessary, patients will still endure a difficult time while they wait.

‘It will certainly bring many benefits to both patients and staff currently using some of the older surgeries in the city centre,’ the report states.

‘Many are outdated and at full capacity, so the plan to build a new super surgery close to Hereford Railway Station is a welcome one.’

However, the report continues, ‘With any project of this size, there will always be challenges – and many patients are now having their patience tested.’

The fact that patients are struggling to call their surgery remains an issue. The report highlights the fact that not all patients have access to – or experience in using – the internet in order to make appointments.

The piece also mentions that a thought must be spared for patients who will have to travel to this new hub.

The article continues: ‘Understanding needs to be given to those patients who rely on public transport to make it to their doctors.

‘Moving to another site across the city might be fine for a young adult – but not for a pensioner with mobility issues.’

While the piece admits that nobody is expecting the coalition of several GP surgeries to be a simplistic process, patients must remain the most important factor.

‘Looking after the most vulnerable patients – and communicating with them in more traditional ways – should be the priority, especially when the first brick has yet to be laid at the new super surgery,’ the opinion piece concludes.

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