Pharmacist-led medication reviews free 28 hours of GP time

A redesigned clinical pharmacist-managed medicines review process has enabled GPs at a practice in the Midlands to provide 168 more appointments per month

This is an edited version of an article first published by the Pharmaceutical Journal.

According to a statement on the NHS England website, Asir Ayaz, clinical pharmacist at Trent Meadows Medical Practice, Staffordshire — which serves a patient population of over 11,800 — has also launched a ‘one-stop shop’ to see patients with long-term conditions, alongside their appointment with one of the seven GPs at the practice.

Prior to the redesign, a practice audit found that repeat prescriptions and medication reviews had taken 50 hours per week.

The GP practice formed a focus group made up of a GP partner, the practice’s clinical pharmacist, and the office manager to redesign the service.

The group took feedback from GPs and receptionists about where they felt time was wasted to help them identify problem areas.

The subsequent service now sees medication reviews managed by the clinical pharmacist and scheduled within two months of a patient’s birthday

Overall, the new system released 28 hours of GP time per month, which equates to 168 GP appointments.

Ayaz said the review “allowed us to be fresh and creative in developing the new system. Since implementation, the feedback from the patients has been fantastic.”

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