Norfolk GPs may struggle to meet demand without CIL funding

Community infrastructure levy money is needed for GP practices in Norfolk, the NHS has said

As reported by the Eastern Daily Press, NHS England has warned that practices in Norfolk are missing out on funding from local housing developments, meaning they are likely to struggle with an influx of new patients.

The health services has said it’s “essential” that Broadland District Council allows developer contributions (community infrastructure levy, or CIL) to go to primary care in the county.

This warning is part of a report about a 170-home estate in Brundall, which the local planning committee refused.

It detailed that two local surgeries cannot cope with additional patients.

This is despite the Burndall Medical Practice’s manager telling the parish council that they would, indeed, handle the extra patient load.

CIL funding is raised by developers and used on school, transport and leisure facilities by councils. The NHS believes that local practices need some of this money too.

NHS England said in the report: “It has been advised that healthcare is not currently contained on Broadland council’s CIL 123 list. Consequently, until this policy is addressed, it is confirmed mitigation cannot be obtained for primary healthcare.

“…It is essential this is resolved as a matter of priority, in order to effectively mitigate development impact and maintain sustainable primary healthcare services for the local communities of Broadland.”

A Broadland spokesperson said responsibility for health provision remains primarily with NHS England.

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