Councillor responds to loss of out-of-hours services

An Oswestry councillor has expressed his disappointment regarding the loss of an out-of-hours service

An out-of-hours GP service is set to leave Oswestry, leading to a local county councillor – Paul Milner – to speak out about his disappointment, according to the Oswestry & Border Counties Advertizer.

The service – ShropDoc – is planning to move to a new base elsewhere.

ShropDoc representatives explained the organisation’s position during a meeting. After the meeting, Milner said:

“Healthcare is a very important thing to Oswestry, and obviously there have been a lot of changes here recently.

“As I said prior to the meeting, I’m disappointed they’re (Shropdoc) leaving Oswestry.

“We’re still left in the dark a bit with a few things, including the number of doctors they have available at one time – they didn’t really answer that question properly.

“They also didn’t really answer how many call handlers they have. Perhaps these are things that will be revealed in the six-month review – that’s something I’m really looking forward to.”

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