Free heart check-ups on the horizon

18th September 2019

Would you like to get a heart or blood pressure check while you’re out doing a bit of shopping? In the not too distant future, according to the BBC News website, you’ll be able to [read more]

WHO launches World Patient Safety Day

18th September 2019

The World Health Organisation has launched World Patient Safety Day The first ever World Patient Safety Day was launched yesterday (17 September 2019) by the World Health Organisation. It is a global campaign to raise [read more]

Are you trapped in the busyness paradox?

17th September 2019

Why is it so difficult to create free time – even when you become more efficient? Oliver Burkeman, author of The Antidote: Happiness For People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking, explains CREDIT: This is an [read more]

Is your commute worth the pain?

16th September 2019

For UK workers, commuting time has increased by 18 hours compared to a decade ago, according to the TUC. A study by Totaljobs shows the average worker is set to spend a whopping £135,000 on [read more]

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