Waiting lists for surgery grow as pension row continues

As reported by the BBC, the waiting list for routine surgeries has grown due to consultants refusing additional hours

The ongoing pensions row amidst doctors is contributing to a surge in waiting list rates for routine surgeries.

Senior doctors are saying that they cannot afford to work extra shifts. As a result, the waiting lists for these surgeries have risen by up to 50%.

The pension rules introduced in 2016 have led to consultants receiving unexpected tax bills, and they are refusing to work beyond planned hours.

Delays are expected to become increasingly common because of this.

The Department of Health will aim to make pensions more flexible in order to solve the issue.

The pension issue is also causing doctors to take early retirement, which is having a knock-on effect on hospitals and GP practices across the country.

The rules around the new pensions are complicated, and mean that consultants earning over £110,000 a year face limits on how much they can contribute.

Going over the allowance prompts unpredictable charges.

Dr Rob Harwood from the BMA said: “No doctor wants to do anything but their best for their patients but if, in doing so, they face bills of tens of thousands of pounds, something has to change.”

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