Thousands of mismanaged letters at GP reported by CQC

As reported by the BBC, a GP surgery in Swindon has been forced to take action following a CQC visit which found thousands of mismanaged letters during an inspection

High levels of mismanagement have led to urgent enforcement action being taken against a GP surgery in Swindon.

Moredon Medical Centre was visited by CQC in April, and the watchdog found around 10,000 letters which had not been reviewed within the appropriate timescales.

The CQC’s deputy inspector said that the surgery should have mentioned the backlog before the visitation, and that it was “extremely concerning” that it hadn’t done so.

Since the inspection, Moredon has “reviewed and responded to 98% of the outstanding correspondence”.

The CQC report also highlights that staff hadn’t received appropriate support or training, and that they had reported excessive workloads.

Deputy chief inspector Ruth Rankine said: “Despite staff trying their best the practice was failing its patients and team.”

Moredon must now demonstrate effective action to meet regulations before CQC visits again.

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