‘The NHS is being overwhelmed’

According to Pharma Times, the latest NHS performance statistics prove that the health service is being overwhelmed by it demands

The NHS has published its performance stats for February, showing that increasing pressure is causing the health service to struggle.

More patients are being treated than ever before, but standards are not being efficiently met. The last time the A&E four-hour treatment target of 95% was met was in July 2015.

As previously reported, 76.2% of cancer patients treated within two months – a significant drop from 81% the previous month.

Additionally, for non-emergency operations, there were 228,000 patients waiting for more than six months – a huge jump of 31% on the same time the previous year.

“These statistics are further proof that, despite treating more patients than ever before, the NHS is being overwhelmed,” said Nick Ville, director of policy at the NHS Confederation.

“Hospitals and other local services are facing huge increases in demand at a time of constrained funding and 100,000 staff vacancies.

“Despite local NHS trusts working harder and more effectively than ever, we are seeing far higher A&E attendances and admissions than at the same point last year.”

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