RCGP Wales report highlights funding challenges

A new report by RCGP Wales has highlighted the extend of the ongoing issue of underfunding for GPs

RCGP Wales has launched a new report entitled, ‘Transforming general practice: Building a profession fit for the future‘. The report highlights, in particular, concerns regarding underfunding in medicine, based on findings from a workforce survey.

The report presents an overview of the state of general practice in Wales. It shows high levels of stress, concern about the future and worry about continued financial sustainability.

The College wants the Welsh government to commit to “giving general practice 11% of the Welsh NHS budget, in turn giving patients the type of care they need.”

The report shows that 42% of GPs believe it is financially unsustainable to run a practice, 82% of whom cited ‘insufficient core funding’ as the cause.

85% of GPs say the funding that is received isn’t enough.

Dr Mair Hopkin and Dr Peter Saul, joint chairs of RCGP Wales, said:

“This report highlights the true cost of underfunding in Welsh general practice and demonstrates that things need to change.

“More of the same won’t deliver the best results for an ageing population with an increase in multiple, long-term conditions. Patients need to be able to access services in their community and get help before issues get worse.

“Our recommendations for change are geared towards supporting GPs to deliver the very best care for patients. It needs to be underpinned by a step change in funding, giving general practice 11% of the Welsh NHS budget, in turn giving patients the type of care they need.

“This report presents comprehensive evidence that general practice needs more support and outlines constructive suggestions to make it happen. Things need to change. GPs deserve better and patients deserve better.”

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