New health and wellbeing initiative in Haverhill partners up with GP practice

CREDIT: This story was first seen in the Haverhill Echo

An exciting new health project launched in Haverhill has announced a partnership with a doctor’s surgery in the town, the Haverhill Echo reports.

Referrals for the Haverhill LifeLink have now begun after GPs from Haverhill Family Practice gave the project their full support.

Referrals for the Haverhill LifeLink have now begun after GPs from Haverhill Family Practice gave the project their full support.

Haverhill LifeLink aims to ease the pressure on GP waiting times in the town by taking some identified patients away from their doctors and getting them involved in community activity instead. The health and wellbeing pilot is run by ONE Haverhill Partnership and St Edmundsbury Borough Council and involves a number of partner agencies.

John Mayhew, chairman of ONE Haverhill Partnership, said: “We are delighted to have the support of everyone at the Haverhill Family Practice towards Haverhill LifeLink.

“They acknowledged straight away what a difference it could make to ensure patients get the best care suited to their needs.

“LifeLink is also a great way to support the vast and impressive number of community groups in Haverhill and we are equally delighted to have their support.”

Dr Firas Watfeh, from the Haverhill Family Practice, said: “We are very pleased to be working with Haverhill LifeLink on this innovative project.

“Anything that can improve someone’s health and wellbeing should be welcomed and we have begun referring suitable patients to the scheme.”

The two-year pilot will see LifeLink coordinators working closely with individuals to signpost them to the vast number of community groups, activities and support in Haverhill. It is also felt that Haverhill LifeLink will help combat the high percentage of GP appointments made for social needs rather than medical.

Cllr Robert Everitt, Cabinet Member for Families and Communities at St Edmundsbury Borough Council, said: “We believe that LifeLink will make a real difference and benefit the lives of people in Haverhill.

“This is about helping match people who are currently going to their GP for social needs with the fantastic array of support that is already available within their community which should help improve the way they feel and their overall health and wellbeing.

“We are delighted that Haverhill Family Practice has given its full support to the scheme.”

Haverhill LifeLink builds on ONE Haverhill Partnership’s priority to improve health and access to services in the town.

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