London fears worsening NHS staffing issues due to Brexit

London is currently short well over 17,000 NHS workers – and many are concerned that this will worsen due to Brexit

NHS vacancies in London are already reaching the thousands, with many concerned that a major staffing crisis is on the way due to Brexit.

The East London and West Essex Guardian has reported that NHS unions have been invited to City Hall to answer questions regarding how the UK is expected to handle the country’s departure from Europe.

London is currently short 17,526 NHS workers, and fears abound over this worsening.

The London Social Partnership Forum – which has been invited by Labour’s London Assembly health spokesperson, Onkar Sahota, to discuss the future of the health service – brings together NHS employers, NHS Trade Unions and the Department of Health to discuss the health service’s workforce.

Sahota said: “The coming months are a huge test for the NHS, which faces significant risks with Brexit looming.

“Not only does the UK’s exit from the EU present a vast task to replicate all the laws and regulations, it also disrupts recruitment to health services and adds a heavy load of no-deal planning.

“In the best of times, this would cause difficulties. But the NHS is still going through the tightest spending limits since its foundation.

“That’s why I’m asking trade unions to share their expertise and the concerns of members.

“It is doubly important that the thousands of health workers in trade unions are heard in City Hall and across the NHS.”

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