N. Ireland’s GP services to receive £8.8m boost

CREDIT: This story was originally seen on BMA.org.uk

Northern Ireland’s GP services will receive an additional cash injection of £8.8m this year to help treat the expanding population

GP services in Northern Ireland are set to receive a £8.8m boost as part of the general medical services contract for the period 2018/19.

£1m of this money will cover increased indemnity costs, another £1.8 is allocated to addressing demographic pressures, plus £4.54m will build on the practice-based pharmacist scheme.

Additionally, Ireland’s Department of Health has stated it will use £1.5m to improve and expand various GP premises.

BMA‘s Northern Ireland GPs committee chair, Tom Black, said that any extra money for general practices is welcome – although the BMA has also warned that primary care will continue to be challenging.

Black said:

“GPs will be particularly happy to see further investment towards demography increases as our population is now living longer and with more complex health needs.

“This is being felt acutely among working GPs as their numbers continue to dwindle across the country while patient numbers grow.

“The environment for primary care is still an extremely challenging one, yet despite this GPs remain committed as ever to providing the best possible service and level of care for their patients in these circumstances.”

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