Four ways to motivate your team

A good leader who mentors individuals also validates the outcomes of their mentoring. If you are going to lead your team, then dedicated mentoring is essential to maintain employee morale and productivity

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If you’re struggling to find new ways to motivate your team, here are some tried and tested ideas.

Collaborative creation

It is immensely important to involve employees in the decisions which will affect your team. Initially, you might feel that you have less control over the situation, but it is a good way to make your team feel that their opinion matters. 

Freedom and responsibility

You have to give freedom to your team to let them define their schedule and choose their holidays as far as possible. In this way, each member of the team is fully responsible for their work, and every individual is aware that their job can affect their teammates.

The freedom to choose spare time is something that makes individuals aware of when they need to leave a situation to one of their peers, or when they really need a break. Keep in mind that this can help to build trust between the organisation and its employees, and will ensure that the team confronts the workday with maximum effort.

Staying positive

As a team leader, you should show a positive attitude. This is better for both your own success and that of the team. Your attitude is something that can be expressed without saying a single word – so, keep your body language in mind as well.

Good communication

A good team leader clearly communicates with each member of a team and is also a good listener. This means you have to pay more attention to your team’s non-verbal communication and should try to anticipate their pains and needs.  

Remember that emotional connection is important to reinforce mutual trust, commitment to the project, and staff motivation to achieve project goals.

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