Emis faces penalty for GP Systems of Choice contract breach

CREDIT: This story was first seen in Digital Health 

After failing to meet unspecified requirements in its GP Systems of Choice contract Emis has notified investors it expects to incur penalties ‘in the order of upper single-digits of millions of pounds’, Digital Health reports.

The Emis Web GP electronic patient record product failed to meet standards across three categories in its service-level agreement with NHS Digital regarding.

Although it has not specified which areas, a Emis spokesperson said that the penalties are related to lower-priority system issues and reporting.

The company says the findings of this internal review have been conveyed to NHS Digital, which is now working with Emis to assess the scale of the issue and its “full service and contractual impact”.

Emis provides essential clinical electronic patient record systems to 57% of all general practices in England under the GP System of Choice (GPSoC) contract. The GPSoC sets out detailed service standards that must be met to ensure the quality of the service that is provided to general practice.

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