Giving yourself the credit you deserve

8th November 2019

When you are starting to feel undervalued, remind yourself of these seven methods which the Possibility of Change recommend to value yourself Stop comparing yourself Comparing ourselves to others is a losing battle. Not only [read more]

Is the UK ready for a freelance workforce?

8th November 2019

The UK and EU economy is fast becoming increasingly reliant on the freelance workforce’s contribution. As more people continue to swap the security of a nine-to-five for the flexibility of freelancing, or working for themselves, [read more]

Will that Jaguar bring me joy?

6th November 2019

The idea of having lots of luxury goods is appealing to most people, but how much of a meaningful difference does having a nice car, big house or a new item of clothing make to [read more]

Four ways to combat SAD in the workplace

4th November 2019

Seasonal affective disorder is more than just the ‘winter blues’ or a feeling of sadness; it is a major depressive disorder brought about by the lengthening periods of darkness. Here is some advice by David [read more]

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