Walk your way to wellness

6th December 2019

Health and wellness coach Alex Pedley explains how just 10 minutes of walking a day can improve your mental wellbeing This is an edited version of an article which originally appeared in the Evening Standard  [read more]

Five exercises to kick-start your day

25th November 2019

The approach you take in the morning can set you up for success throughout your day – and this includes your morning workout exercise This is an edited version of an article which originally appeared [read more]

Shetland doctors to prescribe nature

16th July 2019

Doctors in the Shetland islands are prescribing the local environment to patients As reported by the BMA, a new scheme has been launched in Shetland that sees patients being prescribed the local environment. This project [read more]

RCGP welcomes new NICE quality standard

10th June 2019

The new NICE quality standard outlines the importance of being active NICE’s new quality standard, which centres on encouraging activity within the community, has been welcomed by the Royal College of GPs (RCGP). The new [read more]

Anxiety coping skills

29th March 2019

If you’re battling with anxiety, and it’s starting to take over your life, rest assured there are a number of ways to manage your anxious feelings using cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) techniques. In this informative article, qualified [read more]

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