Anxiety coping skills

29th March 2019

If you’re battling with anxiety, and it’s starting to take over your life, rest assured there are a number of ways to manage your anxious feelings using cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) techniques. In this informative article, qualified [read more]

Benefits of outdoor exercise: get spring fit

7th March 2019

When the weather thaws, the flowers bloom and the days get longer, it’s spring—and the best time of the year to take your fitness regimen outside. Here are six research-backed perks of al fresco exercise. Here’s why spring [read more]

When is the best time to exercise?

4th March 2019

An expert at Westfield Health explains why keeping active throughout the day is important As well as being good for our physical health, exercise has a huge potential to enhance our mental health and wellbeing. [read more]

It’s time to start running

7th January 2019

Is one of your new year’s resolutions to shed some weight and start running? To help you take the first step we’ve created a useful guide packed full of NHS-approved advice to ensure you enjoy [read more]

The exercise/work balance

26th November 2018

Could regular exercise be the key to improving your health and your career? Fifteen members of staff at The Highlands Practice in Fareham regularly get together to take part in weekly parkrun events; jogging 5k [read more]