NHS England: practices not expected to open next bank holiday

Ed Waller, director for primary care strategy and NHS contracts, said during a webinar last Thursday that he expected practices to be able to follow their ‘normal bank holiday setup’ on 25 May

Waller said: “As things stand, unless there’s a radical change in circumstances, we don’t think that we’ll need to ask practices to to open as though it were a normal working day.

“But there will need obviously to be the sort of cover in place that would normally be there at a bank holiday, and that depends on what local arrangements have been made.”

Waller went on to thank GPs who opened on VE day saying, “I know working on a bank holiday is not what a lot of people want to do but we’re very grateful that you are willing to do it when it’s necessary.”

NHS England primary care medical director Dr Nikki Kanani added later in the webinar that practices could “plan to do what they would normally do on a bank holiday pre-COVID, essentially be closed and directing their care elsewhere.”

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