Matt Hancock vows to end non-disclosure agreements

As reported by The Guardian, Matt Hancock has promised that the use of non-disclosure agreements in the NHS will come to an end

The health secretary, Matt Hancock has vowed to put an end to the use of non-disclosure agreements.

Non-disclosure agreements prevent NHS whistleblowers from speaking out, and Hancock has said that healthcare staff shouldn’t have to compromise their job for patient safety.

He stated that he wants more people to feel they can “put their head above the parapet”.

“We stand with whistleblowers,” Hancock added. “Making someone choose between the job they love and speaking the truth to keep patients safe is an injustice I am determined to end.

“Settlement agreements that infringe on an individual’s right to speak out for the benefit of patients are completely inappropriate. Whistleblowers perform a vital and courageous service for the NHS and I want more people to feel they can put their head above the parapet.

“But they must have a safe, open culture to do this in order to achieve the ambitions set out in the long-term plan and make the NHS the safest healthcare system in the world.”

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