How to fix your goal setting process

Asper the study conducted by Bressler, Bressler and Bressler, 2010, if one brings an optimistic attitude to goal-setting, it is likely to be a success. The research studied many students and indicated that traits such as optimism and hope impact our goal-setting attitude

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Most of us set goals in our life and we try our best to reach them. Some of us struggle, some of us make it. So how is it possible to fix your goal-setting process?

Know the basics

One of the reasons some people struggle to set good goals is a lack of ability to identify a goal’s result without having clarity on the ‘why’ part of the goal-setting. If one does not know ‘why’, one might lose interest, or get distracted easily.

If you wish to achieve the goals you set, the groundwork has to be done well. You have to understand that you are setting goals for a reason. 

Know your goals

You need to identify your goals first; this means you know where to focus and where to improve. Once the goal is set, you feel driven.

While identifying goals, consider your abilities and the situation at hand. The goal should be challenging enough to push you towards something, and reachable enough to assure you of success. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why am I setting this goal?
  • What will I get once I succeed?
  • Which resources will help me reach my goals?
  • Do I have to improve something to reach it?

Analyse the goal and plan ahead

Before you start this journey, know where you are at the present moment so you can plan accordingly. You need to think about all the resources you need. Try asking the following questions:

  • How ready am I?
  • Can I spare enough time for this?
  • What is stopping me?
  • Can I afford professional help?

Make a list of benefits and hurdles

This is surely one of the crucial steps when setting goals. The list of benefits will encourage you to go for the goal while the obstacles will remind you of all the necessary steps you need to take/overcome to reach the goal.

Build an action plan

Now is the time transform all your theoretical and ground-level research into reality.

Make sure your plan of action considers each stage that is crucial to reaching the goal. Depending upon your goals, you need to categorise your plan of action and break it into smaller steps.

The process of systematic goal-setting might be new for you. If you wish to succeed, you can start by praising your efforts, as this will help you keep going. 

Some people prefer deadlines, some don’t. If having a deadline pushes you to do more and better, set a time limit. If it doesn’t, then don’t.

Praise your achievements

You might find doing this a ‘waste of time’ – but if you are ready to give it a shot, you will realise the benefits. Forgive yourself for mistakes, laziness or unproductive things you have done in the past; the past is gone, and you are a changed person who has started a new journey with new hope. Pat your back for all the good things you have done. Be happy about your past achievements. 

In short, your goal-setting will be successful only when you truly, consciously decide something and start preparing for it. All the very best!

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