Half of Telegraph readers can’t get same-day appointment to see a doctor

Thousands of people took part in an online poll where they were asked how easy they found it to get an appointment at their GP surgery

This is an edited version of an article first published by the Evening Telegraph.

A total of 1,474 people had their say, with 50% voting for the option of “I can almost never get an appointment that day”.

Meanwhile, a further 27.2% said they can sometimes get an appointment that day, while 16% said they can easily get an appointment for the same day.

Others said the situation varies for them at their GP depending on when they call.

The poll comes amid growing waiting lists at some of the city’s GP surgeries, with reports of up to 15 people queuing on the street outside Broughty Ferry Health Centre to try to access treatment.

Broughty Ferry councillor Philip Scott said: “I’m not at all surprised by these findings. Queues outside GP surgeries have become a regular occurrence across the city and trying to get through on the telephone at 8am is well-nigh impossible.”

Meanwhile, Patricia Gourlay, from Douglas, has said the issues with her local surgery have been ongoing for more than a year now.

She said: “A couple weeks ago I needed an appointment. I couldn’t see a doctor that day as there is only one at the Douglas Centre two afternoons a week.

“My husband went down at 8am but you don’t know if there is going to be a doctor there.”

Eliza Matthew-Hiney, practice manager for Wallacetown and Douglas, said: “We are two GPs down and have been for some time.

“We are working hard to ensure patients’ needs are met and the safest way to manage this is to provide unlimited appointments every morning via open access.

“Patients may need to wait a while, but everyone is seen by a GP. Patients can choose which day they wish to attend.”

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