Free NHS App webinars

NHS England is running a series of webinars (online presentations with live discussions) that can help you learn everything you need to know to about the NHS App

The webinars are free to attend for staff working in the NHS, primary care and GP practices. The next webinar is on 3 April and is focused on the rollout of the new NHS App.

At this webinar you will get an overview of:

  • What GP surgeries need to do to prepare for the NHS App
  • Feedback from the 34 NHS App test sites
  • Consequences for your practice of doing nothing
  • Setting up a ‘test patient’ and viewing the app from a patient perspective
  • What factors your practice needs to consider:
    • Briefing your staff
    • Ensuring a minimum of 25% of all appointments are available online (as per GP contract commitment)
    • Online appointment types and naming of these
    • Appointment approaches for nursing and other non-GP appointments
    • Appointment approaches for care navigation
  • Further support available

You can register for the free NHS webinars here.

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