Bradford GP prescribes recovery classes

29th August 2019

As reported by the BBC, a surgery in Bradford is prescribing ‘classes’ to help patients recover A practice in Bradford is trialling the prescription of classes that aim to allow patients to take control of [read more]

Fighting back against workplace stress

23rd July 2019

With workplace-related stress and mental health issues becoming an increasing concern across the country, it’s no surprise that the Westfield Health’s Wellbeing Index found that over a quarter (28%) of working adults have experienced stress [read more]

Engaging new dads

19th June 2019

In December 2018 NHS England announced that new fathers were to get mental health support to help them cope with the expectations – and realities – of becoming a parent. The NHS is slowly waking [read more]

Body image disorders are on the rise

18th June 2019

Body image disorders are becoming increasingly common – what can you do it an employee is suffering? According to Health Assured CEO and wellbeing expert, David Price, body image disorders are on the rise. A [read more]

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