The wellbeing checklist

4th December 2018

Taking a break from work is vital for your mental and physical wellbeing, says Westfield Health’s Director of Wellbeing, Richard Holmes. As we approach the busy Christmas period he explains why it’s important to switch [read more]

Coping with negative feedback

3rd December 2018

Bouncing back after a setback can be tough, says CityCV career expert Victoria McLean. She offers some strategies to help you cope with negative feedback Life as a practice manager is challenging. It’s a fact [read more]

10 year anniversary: Five Ways to Wellbeing

27th November 2018

It’s 10 years since the New Economics Foundation (NEF) published its Five Ways to Wellbeing. Here’s a timely reminder on how focusing on yourself every day can improve your wellbeing and happiness The NEF claims [read more]

Breaking the ‘stress cycle’

23rd November 2018

According to recent research 53% of UK healthcare workers say that they do ‘little or nothing’ to reduce stress levels outside of work. The same study found that the healthcare sector is the third worst [read more]

Tips for boosting resilience and confidence

15th November 2018

Confidence and resilience are two essential attributes that can help you to excel in your day-to-day tasks and to overcome any challenges you encounter along the way. However, and unfortunately, they’re characteristics that we can [read more]

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