Childhood vaccination information and advice

7th May 2019

The anti-vaxxer movement is gaining ground, with worried parents choosing to ignore medical advice and avoid vaccinations for their children. Here’s a timely reminder on the information and advice you need to give patients and [read more]

123,000 babies not registered with a GP

18th January 2019

NHS figures have shown that an alarming number of babies and young children aren’t registered with a GP New NHS figures, as reported by the Bristol Post, shows that around 123,000 babies and young children [read more]

Number of flu jab recipients drops

12th December 2018

The number of people receiving their flu jabs continues to drop, leaving health chiefs concerned about a tough winter As reported by The Express, the number of people in England receiving their flu jab has [read more]

NHS denies flu vaccine shortage

23rd October 2018

Stories have been circulating about patients being unable to acquire the new flu vaccine, but the NHS denies that there is a shortage, according to The Guardian While there have been reports across the country [read more]

BMJ questions swine flu vaccine information

21st September 2018

The BMJ has voiced its concerns regarding Pandemrix, a swine flu vaccine that was proven to cause severe side effects The British Medical Journal (BMJ) has questioned the transparency of vital information regarding the swine [read more]

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