Four ways to combat SAD in the workplace

4th November 2019

Seasonal affective disorder is more than just the ‘winter blues’ or a feeling of sadness; it is a major depressive disorder brought about by the lengthening periods of darkness. Here is some advice by David [read more]

Fighting back against workplace stress

23rd July 2019

With workplace-related stress and mental health issues becoming an increasing concern across the country, it’s no surprise that the Westfield Health’s Wellbeing Index found that over a quarter (28%) of working adults have experienced stress [read more]

Engaging new dads

19th June 2019

In December 2018 NHS England announced that new fathers were to get mental health support to help them cope with the expectations – and realities – of becoming a parent. The NHS is slowly waking [read more]

Body image disorders are on the rise

18th June 2019

Body image disorders are becoming increasingly common – what can you do it an employee is suffering? According to Health Assured CEO and wellbeing expert, David Price, body image disorders are on the rise. A [read more]

Suicide risk assessment and management

23rd May 2019

GPs have a vital role in identifying and supporting patients with severe depression or other mental health problems, assessing suicide risk and initiating treatment and preventive interventions, including referral to specialist services. Doctors may be [read more]

The causes of stress among GPs

3rd May 2019

A new study has laid bare the causes of stress among GPs in England. A rising workload, strained finances and the emotional investment required are all factors that are leading to burn-out. Practice Business investigates [read more]

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