NHS pension taxation impact report published

The government has released a new report which outlines reducing the NHS pension taxation impact, but NHS Providers has stated that trusts need a national solution

The government has released a guidance report on reducing the NHS pension taxation impact.

NHS Providers has welcomed this guidance, but believes that trusts need to see a national solution.

The director of policy and strategy at NHS Providers, Miriam Deakin said:

“The guidance issued is welcome.

“In the absence of a national policy solution pending the government’s consultation on NHS pensions, trusts have had to set up local pensions arrangements to keep senior staff members employed and keep services open for patients.

“While it is useful for employers to have this guidance from government over the local flexibilities they can undertake if appropriate, trusts overwhelmingly want to see a national solution to the NHS pensions crisis.

“The new speed and focus from the government on solving this issue is really welcome, as is the commitment to review the annual taper. But the forthcoming consultation and review need to be completed quickly.

“Staff are unlikely to stop reducing their hours or refusing additional work until we have a clear, definitive, solution fully in place.”

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