Management: Getting to the root of it with RCA

19th July 2017

What makes RCA different from, say, risk assessments or ‘Never Events’ reporting? In simple terms, RCA is the investigation and analysis of the difference between what actually happened and what should have happened – according [read more]

Collaboration with a common purpose

17th July 2017

 The early phase of NHS Collaborate has been a journey of discovery for all those involved and is providing deep foundations for a self-sustaining and energetic ‘community of purpose’ committed to a fresh approach to leadership development [read more]

Break the cycle: Leadership to be proud of

14th July 2017

A loss of commitment and drive John doesn’t feel the same about work anymore. Something’s changed. He used to approach it with commitment and drive, happily doing extra hours because he believed in where they [read more]

Waiting rooms: A little something for the wait

13th July 2017

Tim Martin finds out how practice managers can ensure waiting rooms reflect the needs of their demographic, the benefits of displaying seasonal information and the advantages of modernising from a patient and business perspective. A [read more]

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