All for one and one for all

8th May 2017

Repeated studies have shown that a key aspect of employee engagement and retention is employees feeling they are growing and developing. If employees are able to link their personal and professional growth to the organization, [read more]

GP surgery bans advanced appointments

4th May 2017

Credit: This story was first seen on the BBC A GP surgery in Dorset has stopped patients from booking advanced appointments due to a lack of doctors, the BBC reports. Wareham Surgery said its “revised [read more]

Digital health: clearing a path for adoption

3rd May 2017

Recent technological progress has revolutionised clinical practice and has enabled an unprecedented increase in public engagement in managing one’s own health. Digital health apps, systems and solutions have enormous potential to reduce the time, effort [read more]

Achieving service excellence

26th April 2017

In December 2015 a four-practice alliance in Gosport became the first in Southern Hampshire to offer a ‘same day access service’ (SDAS) as part of the region’s Better Local Care vanguard. The service brings together [read more]

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