What next for Deepmind and its UK partners?

27th September 2019

In our mini-series on AI in healthcare we highlighted the important and impressive work being undertaken by Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and AI company Deepmind. Now Rory Cellan-Jones, the BBC’s technology correspondent, reports [read more]

Artificial intelligence #01: what’s it all about?

5th September 2019

There is still no common agreed definition of artificial intelligence. The term is now seen to encompass several software/algorithm-based approaches that replicate one or more ‘cognitive’ – thinking and reasoning – capabilities. So, is AI [read more]

AI in healthcare: when will it arrive?

13th February 2019

AI has the potential to improve the quality of care while lowering the costs for patients and hospitals, says Dr. Mahiben Maruthappu, Dr. Varun Buch. But when will it start to make a difference? A version [read more]

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