Useful online spaces for practice managers

19th November 2019

Practice Business explores helpful online spaces for practice managers that you may not already have heard about Being a practice manager can feel like a lonely experience at times. You don’t always have an in-built [read more]

Behaving professionally on social media

10th April 2019

Social media is big business – and big risk. Get it wrong and your surgery could hit the headlines. Dr Caroline Fryar, head of advisory services at the Medical Defence Union, introduces their new, e-learning [read more]

The social media diet

9th April 2019

In a current trial, hundreds of people will receive therapy to counteract the impact of harmful social media as part of a new NHS service for treating the rare eating disorder diabulimia; the NHS hopes [read more]

Get social: Managing staff in the digital age

7th November 2018

Social media usage has increased exponentially over the last decade and shows no hint of slowing down. As the health sector continually adapts to medical technology, new IT systems and greater system interconnectivity, so too [read more]

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