The psychologically behind always being late

10th February 2020

There are as many reasons for unpunctuality as there are habitually tardy people – and the underlying reasons can be complex. Phillipa Perry explains the psychology behind the lateness This is an edited version of [read more]

How to manage a team older than you

7th February 2020

When the team you manage is older than you, it can be easy to develop imposter-syndrome and feel like you aren’t as qualified as them. But, just because they have a few more years of [read more]

Seven types of leader

10th January 2020

Leadership can be defined as ‘a way to lead others’, but it is so much more than that. A true leader inspires people, recognises their diversity and potential, and shows them how they can develop [read more]

Seven ways to show team appreciation

2nd January 2020

A study has shown that 88% of employees will work with a company for a long period of time if they feel appreciated. It seems pretty obvious but, if you show your team that you appreciate their [read more]

Six ways to boost employee morale

5th December 2019

Leaders need to show their teams that they appreciate their work, and must motivate them to move forward. So how can leaders boost employee morale? This is an edited version of an article that originally [read more]

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