Giving yourself the credit you deserve

28th January 2020

When you are starting to feel undervalued, remind yourself of these seven methods which the Possibility of Change recommend to value yourself Stop comparing yourself Comparing ourselves to others is a losing battle. Not only do [read more]

Twelve ways to seize the day

27th November 2019

A life filled with joy is what most people wish for. There are countless ways to reach for what you want but, when it comes to happiness, little things can make all the difference This [read more]

11 mental health boosting activities to try

21st November 2019

We humans are creatures of habit – but are these habits good for us? New research has shown that people’s habitual behaviours can contribute to levels of stress, anxiety and depression This is an edited version of [read more]

The link between volunteering and happiness

23rd October 2019

Jump, a social enterprise that measures and values social impact, has released a report that examines new data and larger sample sizes to understand the relationship between volunteering and wellbeing This is an edited version [read more]

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