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Long-term conditions

Healthy heart tips to kick-start 2019

12th March 2019

Commonly termed ‘high blood pressure’, hypertension is a serious health problem that affects thousands of Brits. It can be potentially life-threatening if ignored and left untreated. OMRON Healthcare Europe shines a light on the current [read more]

Are GPs getting a bad press (by the press)?

8th March 2019
In a new research paper, University of Oxford researchers Eleanor Barry and Trish Greenhalgh describe how the UK national press is unfairly treating primary care. Assessing over 400 stories, they found that GPs are regularly [read more]

How to decide when to fire someone

1st March 2019
One of your direct reports isn’t performing up to snuff. You’ve done everything you can think of to help them improve, but you’re not seeing any significant progress, and now you’re agonising about what to [read more]

Everyday ways to cut everyday costs

14th February 2019
In the age of austerity, and ever tighter NHS budgets, its essential that you scrutinise your expenditure. Small business expert and author of Simple Tips, Smart Ideas: Build a Bigger, Better Business, Erica Wolfe-Murray, provides [read more]

Asthma advice from Dr Andy Whittamore

8th February 2019
New NICE guidelines on asthma treatment weren’t that well-received when they were launched in early 2018, but treating the condition remains a priority for the NHS. In a detailed Q&A Dr Andy Whittamore, clinical lead [read more]