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The state of independent care

17th May 2019

The Care Quality Commission plays a vital role in monitoring and managing the care quality of NHS providers – a position it also pholds for independent and private sector providers. In a new report, the [read more]


How tech can help staff recruitment

16th May 2019

The NHS is experiencing a staffing ‘roadblock’, with more vacancies than there are candidates. It’s a long-standing problem caused by a multitude of factors – from Brexit to public sector pay policy – many of [read more]

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Labour MP expresses concerns over GP at Hand

10th May 2019

As reported by Computer Weekly, a Labour MP has discussed his concern over Babylon’s GP at hand app Hammersmith and Fulham MP, Andy Slaughter, has openly expressed his concerns regarding Babylon Health’s GP at Hand [read more]

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Mental health help at the click of a mouse

8th May 2019

The increasing numbers of those seeking treatment for mental health is reaching epidemic levels, with a large proportion asking their GPs for help. The NHS website is supporting practices, providing a digital lifeline to the [read more]

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How WhatsApp is improving asthma care

25th April 2019

Asthma UK has launched a WhatsApp chat service where people with asthma can get support from its team of nurses through the messaging service. The aim is to engage a younger audience who are at [read more]