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Inside the anti-vaxxer movement

7th May 2019
The anti-vaccination movement poses a growing problem for the health of our children. In the last five years a growing number of parents have denied their children the right to protection by refusing vaccines for [read more]

Childhood vaccination information and advice

7th May 2019
The anti-vaxxer movement is gaining ground, with worried parents choosing to ignore medical advice and avoid vaccinations for their children. Here’s a timely reminder on the information and advice you need to give patients and [read more]

The causes of stress among GPs

3rd May 2019
A new study has laid bare the causes of stress among GPs in England. A rising workload, strained finances and the emotional investment required are all factors that are leading to burn-out. Practice Business investigates [read more]
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Age, Sex and You

1st May 2019
As part of our exploration of the rise of STIs in the over-50s we speak to Sharron Hinchliff, reader in psychology and health at the University of Sheffield and the creator of Age, Sex and [read more]