How to spring clean your business

10th May 2019

As the nights become lighter and the days becoming longer, spring is the perfect time for a fresh start. As well as revamping your business physically, it is also a chance to give the mental [read more]

Inside the anti-vaxxer movement

7th May 2019

The anti-vaccination movement poses a growing problem for the health of our children. In the last five years a growing number of parents have denied their children the right to protection by refusing vaccines for [read more]

Childhood vaccination information and advice

7th May 2019

The anti-vaxxer movement is gaining ground, with worried parents choosing to ignore medical advice and avoid vaccinations for their children. Here’s a timely reminder on the information and advice you need to give patients and [read more]

GP practice dress code

2nd May 2019

Investment bank Goldman Sachs has relaxed its dress code, giving all of its 36,000 employees the chance to dress down every day. What’s your practice dress code, and could relaxing it improve productivity? This edited [read more]

Conquering diabetes

12th April 2019

Diabetes is a huge drain on NHS resources, costing the health service millions to treat. By more effectively managing their own health patients can help themselves, their practices and the NHS believes Richard Shaw, the [read more]

Learning from the GP Partnership Review

13th March 2019

In February 2018 the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care announced an independent review into the partnership model of general practice, to look at the challenges faced by practices and some ways to [read more]

Healthy heart tips to kick-start 2019

12th March 2019

Commonly termed ‘high blood pressure’, hypertension is a serious health problem that affects thousands of Brits. It can be potentially life-threatening if ignored and left untreated. OMRON Healthcare Europe shines a light on the current [read more]

Are GPs getting a bad press (by the press)?

8th March 2019

In a new research paper, University of Oxford researchers Eleanor Barry and Trish Greenhalgh describe how the UK national press is unfairly treating primary care. Assessing over 400 stories, they found that GPs are regularly [read more]

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