Tech blog: The advantages of e-rostering

6th February 2017

In a complex network of practices, managing staff rotas efficiently and to budget, can prove to be a gruelling task. With the healthcare industry facing legislation and contract changes, it’s more important than ever that [read more]

In search of patient satisfaction

22nd January 2017

Harry Longman, chief executive of GP Access, critiques the ‘GP at scale’ model of care favoured by NHS England and sets out a path to patient satisfaction based on a demand-led system ‘GP at scale’ [read more]

New GP provider pulls out of contract

17th January 2017

Credit: This story was first seen on the BBC Attempts to save a County Armagh GP practice have failed after a new contractor withdrew from the process, the BBC reports. Bannview Medical Practice in Portadown faced [read more]

Child’s play

16th December 2016

It’s hoped that collaborative healthcare projects involving multi-disciplinary teams will create higher standards of care for patients. Tim Martin speaks to key figures in Connecting Care for Children – a GP and paediatrician integrated service [read more]

Pensioner stages sit-in at GP surgery

9th December 2016

Credit: This story was first seen on the Essex Echo An 80-year-old man launched a sit-in at a GP surgery in order to get an appointment, the Essex Echo reports. Robert Straffon had an ulcer [read more]

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