Personal printing at work: yes or no?

5th March 2019

A recent survey by Ebuyer has found that over 1.5 billion personal documents are printed in the workplace per year. As practices seek new ways to save money, could a crackdown on private printing save [read more]

5 ways to build a powerful personal brand

4th March 2019

Although the term ‘brand’ is often associated with ‘business’, the two are different. A brand is something you’re constantly building because it’s the affirmation of who you are and what you love to do. Your personal [read more]

How to decide when to fire someone

1st March 2019

One of your direct reports isn’t performing up to snuff. You’ve done everything you can think of to help them improve, but you’re not seeing any significant progress, and now you’re agonising about what to [read more]

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