Strategies for stress: talking about it

5th February 2018

CREDIT: This article was first published on Nuffield Health, written by Sharon James, senior health and wellbeing physiologist When it comes to stress, many people overlook the simple strategy of talking. Here’s how it can help [read more]

Change by choice: leading organisational change

19th January 2018

Organisational change does not simply require management; it needs leadership. Philip Cox-Hynd is a change implementation specialist and author of Mindfulness and the Art of Change by Choice. Here he explores how you can create [read more]

Inspire and Influence: Leading Others

17th November 2017

In an edited extract from his book Simply Said: Communicating Better at Work and Beyond Jay Sullivan, managing partner at Exec|Comm LLC, shares his theory of leadership and explains the advantages of motivating and challenging others [read more]

Positioning yourself for success

10th November 2017

The role of the practice manager is integral. Facing a diverse and continually developing range of responsibilities – from finance and recruitment to leadership development, premises and ICT – how can you ensure that your [read more]

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