Female genital mutilation explained

16th April 2019

Between October and December 2018 new cases of FGM were added to the NHS’ experimental statistics data set. This barbaric and illegal practice is still going on in the UK today. Practices need to understand [read more]

Conquering diabetes

12th April 2019

Diabetes is a huge drain on NHS resources, costing the health service millions to treat. By more effectively managing their own health patients can help themselves, their practices and the NHS believes Richard Shaw, the [read more]

The social media diet

9th April 2019

In a current trial, hundreds of people will receive therapy to counteract the impact of harmful social media as part of a new NHS service for treating the rare eating disorder diabulimia; the NHS hopes [read more]

New hypertension guidance consultation

8th April 2019

Thousands more people are likely to be offered blood pressure-lowering drugs as part of a drive to prevent heart attacks and strokes. The new guidance is out for consultation until the end of April, with [read more]

The impact of GP pension contribution increases

5th April 2019

The recently announced increase to GP pension contributions has caused concern among practice managers worried about the impact an additional 6.3% payment will have on budgets. After a consultation that ended in January, the Department [read more]

A shot in the arm: NHS travel vaccinations

3rd April 2019

Travel vaccinations are big business, with some costing hundreds of pounds to administer. Visit somewhere tropical and you could be spending thousands on you and your family. With Brexit around the corner, we may be [read more]

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