Data management; a connected patient record

18th September 2018

The NHS in England is making steady progress towards a digital-first service – a connected service where patient information is shared securely with healthcare professionals, across multiple settings, to support better care. A collaboration of [read more]

How to streamline NHS GP practices

5th September 2018

While there is no panacea that can offset the pressure GP practices are currently under there are ways and resources available to streamline practice management. Jason Zemmel, executive chairman of Integral Medical Holdings (IMH) Group [read more]

Practice insurance; what you need to know

30th August 2018

With so much responsibility sitting on the shoulders of the contemporary practice, choosing the right insurance policy for your practice is essential – but with so many insurers to choose from, choosing the right insurer [read more]

Staying calm during a PR crisis

29th August 2018

GP practices – although contracted – serve the general population and, as such, are also subject to the scrutiny and whims of that general population. A disgruntled patient airing their issues in the public arena [read more]

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