Our driving force at Practice Business is to present information that will aid practice managers and GP partners in their day-to-day roles. It provides sector specific information, but also deals with general business management issues. We pride ourselves on the curation of valuable and timely content.

We lead with in-depth sector analysis and comment, following with practice manager interviews, ensuring that we keep tabs on who’s doing what – and why – in the sector. We aim to share good practice and success with the sector, providing an inspirational read.

We’re also very democratic, making sure we look at ‘acorns’ as well as ‘oak trees’, and do the leg-work to visit practices up and down the country. We also provide an impressive level of management content, looking at all aspects of the PM’s role. Our editorial team includes award-wining practice managers and health sector professionals and personalities, ensuring the magazine is a must-read, delivered with integrity and understanding.