Latest COVID-19 guidance in your area

27th March 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak is arguably one of the greatest public health challenges of our time – not least for general practice, where over one million patients are already treated every day This is an edited [read more]

Four tips to make you a better leader

20th March 2020

People management skills, critically, enable managers to solve problems and engage employees. You can build your people management skills by making small changes in your mindset and your perspective on problems This is an edited [read more]

The digital future of healthcare

20th March 2020

ID Medical have analysed data from the NHS Long Term Plan  to reveal what the future of healthcare will look like Almost every aspect of modern life has been radically reshaped by technology, and healthcare [read more]

The five most vital skills for healthcare leaders

20th March 2020

Successful healthcare leaders need business competencies and interpersonal or soft skills to guide their organisations to success – but which skills are the real must-haves when recruiting or developing leaders to manage healthcare organisations and [read more]

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