Summarising NHS guidance on GP mergers

14th November 2019

GP mergers are becoming increasingly popular. In this article we reflect on the pros and cons of merging and summarise the NHS guidelines for your convenience In today’s primary care climate small and rural practices [read more]

How to take the perfect nap

14th November 2019

There are two camps when it comes to napping: those who can (and take great pleasure in it) and those who, despite their best attempts, just can’t While one study in rodents suggests this difference might [read more]

I think my patient is being trafficked

13th November 2019

Where human trafficking and healthcare meet, doctors often feel ill-equipped to help their patients. This article explores the problem, and how to spot someone who is a potential victim of trafficking This is an edited [read more]

10 ways to spark great ideas

12th November 2019

Making it easier to come up with great ideas and then turn them into a reality should be a critical focus for any organisation looking to innovate. The question is, of course, how. These ten [read more]

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