One giant leap…

30th August 2019

The Care Quality Commission has rated Sutton’s Dr Hafeez and Partner practice as ‘good’ overall. Previously it was in special measures and rated ‘inadequate’. This is a real good news story which shows what can [read more]

Regular GP appraisals improve patient care

30th August 2019

Annual appraisal is a key feature of the support, development and progression of people in many professions. GPs need to undertake annual appraisals as part of the revalidation process. Done badly, appraisals are a frustrating [read more]

Is your smartphone making you obese?

29th August 2019

The authors of this research which identifies a possible link between obesity and the use of smartphones say that there are more devices than inhabitants on the planet and that they have become an inherent [read more]

Bradford GP prescribes recovery classes

29th August 2019

As reported by the BBC, a surgery in Bradford is prescribing ‘classes’ to help patients recover A practice in Bradford is trialling the prescription of classes that aim to allow patients to take control of [read more]

A recruitment bounce at last?

28th August 2019

One of the constant refrains in relation to general practice at the moment is that GPs are retiring, young doctors are not attracted to the life of a GP and that practices across the country [read more]

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